Changes in Relation to the Mandatory Testing of Employees

Dear Clients and Partners,

We would hereby like to inform you about certain changes that have recently taken place in relation to the mandatory testing of employees for COVID-19.

Since 23 November 2021, Employers have been obliged to make rapid antigen self-tests available to their employees. Employers continue to be able to outsource the mandatory testing of employees to providers of health care services, however, if an employee refuses to undergo such a test, he/she must always be able to self-test at the workplace.

Effective from Monday, 20 December 2021, the rules to be followed if an employee tests positive for COVID-19 are subject to certain changes. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, his/her employer must issue a written certificate for the employee and fill in certain mandatory information. A mandatory form of the certificate is available on page 3 of the current emergency measure issued by the Ministry of Health.

The employee must then undergo a confirmatory PCR test without undue delay. The employee must provide the above written confirmation obtained from the employer to the health-care provider who carries out the confirmatory test.

In other respects, mandatory testing of employees for COVID-19 remains unchanged and will continue under the same rules which we have already informed you about in the past.

Your LTA team