We provide a complete tax consulting service, from optimizing the tax burden, to ensuring tax compliance, as well as representing clients at tax proceedings.

Our tax consultancy takes into account planned changes to legislation, the Finance Ministry’s statements and developments in case law.

We are aware that the tax burden is one of the most important factors in our clients’ business and that inadequately handling tax risks can bring extra costs in the form of additional payments, penalties and interest on unpaid bills. Our goal is to offer the client a solution which leads to tax saving and minimizes risks.

  • preparation of tax returns and reports
  • income tax
  • VAT and customs duty
  • property-related taxes
  • social and health insurance
  • tax optimization and planning
  • representation in tax proceedings, including inspections
  • acquisitions, mergers and transformations of companies, restructuring
  • international taxation under double taxation treaties
  • cross-border secondment of employees
  • tax due diligence
  • taxation of individuals
  • transfer pricing
  • obtaining binding standpoints from the financial authorities
  • VAT refunds
  • tax registration