Information for self-employed persons about paid pension insurance advances

Dear Clients, Dear Business Friends,

We would like to inform you that Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení (Czech Social Security Administration) has launched a new service for self-employed persons called Information about Pension Insurance Advances Paid by Self-Employed Persons in order to digitalize agenda and to reduce administrative burden. To use it, you must log in to the ČSSZ ePortal ( through either your data box or Citizen Identity (using your banking identity, identity card with an activated electronic chip or any other electronic identification means) or authorize your tax advisor or accountant to access the ČSSZ ePortal.

After logging in to the ePortal, the self-employed person will get access to a number of data kept by ČSSZ, e.g.:

  • information about prescribed and paid pension insurance advances for individual calendar months in the current and previous calendar year;
  • an overview of all payments made in the current and previous calendar year;
  • information about the type and amount of paid sickness insurance benefits;
  • information about the type and amount of received pensions;
  • an overview of pension insurance periods;
  • informative calculation of old-age pension.

The ČSSZ ePortal can also be used to fill out and file the Statement of Self-Employed Persons’ Income and Expenses.All data that ČSSZ keeps (such as self-employed persons’ identification data, paid advances and the number of months of their business activity and received sickness insurance benefits) are automatically filled in the form from ČSSZ databases.

Since information about paid insurance advances is available on the ČSSZ ePortal, ČSSZ will no longer send out the list of claims as in previous years.If a self-employed person is not be able to log in to the ČSSZ ePortal or to authorize someone else to do so, he/she may ask his/her local social security administration to provide the information needed to fill out the Statement.

Your LTA Team