International Tax Seminar in Dublin

On 13-14 September 2022, the International Tax Seminar 2022 was held in Dublin, Ireland, with the participation of 50 representatives of companies that are members of the MGI Worldwide network. Lenka Pól Brožková, Milena Drábová and Lenka Pazderová from the LTA office attended the seminar on behalf of the Czech Republic.

The seminar agenda included a lecture by Mr. Hans Pijl from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) on new legislation in the area of international tax regulations against tax evasion through investments in tax havens, as well as case studies focusing on the mutual exchange of information and increasing technical knowledge, which were presented by members of the MGI Worldwide network, including a case study on transfer pricing presented by Lenka Pól Brožková.