Seat of the newly established European Labour Authority to be hosted by Bratislava

A plan to establish the European Labour Authority (ELA) has been first presented in September 2017 by the then President of the European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker. In his 2017 State of the European Union, he announced a creation of a new body that should ensure that all EU rules regarding labour mobility are enforced fairly and in a simple and effective way.

Within the EU, there is an extensive complex or legal regulations governing free movement of workers that are to be up-dated in the future, including a reform of a directive on posting of workers and rules for the social security coordination. The aim of the ELA is to improve enforceability of EU laws governing labour mobility, to facilitate access to reliable information sources and related services, including information about job opportunities as well as rights and obligations of cross-border workers. Another impulse for creation of the ELA is an effort to achieve more effective cooperation among national authorities, particularly with regard to joint cross-border EU laws enforcement activities, including facilitation of joint supervising activities.

The ELA shall start its functioning in October this year from Brussels and shall be consequently moved to Bratislava. A full operational capacity of this body is expected from 2024.