Newsletter – National Recovery Plan

Dear clients and business partners,

We would like to present to you the National Recovery Plan, representing a wide range of subsidy schemes supporting investments, especially in digitisation, sustainable energy and decarbonisation, clean mobility and water. We have selected several key schemes that can help you modernise your business and business environment.


  • The subsidy will be provided for photovoltaic power plants with or without accumulation, or more specifically for the construction work, supplies and services related to their implementation.
  • Businesses of all sizes will be able to apply. The subsidy will be provided retroactively to cover 35–50% of the costs.


  • This scheme will provide support for the introduction of innovative systems in businesses, serving especially for (i) recycling secondary raw materials and water; (ii) using, obtaining and processing secondary raw materials instead of primary sources; and (iii) introducing product eco-design for their easy re-processing.
  • The scheme will be available for businesses of all sizes. The subsidy will be provided retroactively to cover 35–50% of the costs.


  • This subsidy scheme targets the purchase of equipment (software and hardware) aimed to increase the level of digitisation and automation in a business, i.e. in particular construction of own LAN network, purchase of electronic equipment, including office equipment, attendance systems, etc., ensuring cybersecurity, acquisition of management software, etc.
  • Businesses of all sizes will be able to apply, but probably excluding those based in the Capital City of Prague. The estimated amount of the subsidy is 40–60% of the costs.


  • The subsidy will be provided for systems ensuring, in particular, reduction of water consumption and reuse of water, retention and use of rainwater, including the construction of water reservoirs for this purpose, as well as for revitalisation of business complexes and the vicinity of commercial buildings, e.g. by planting functional vegetation and establishing vegetative roof systems.
  • The subsidy will be intended for businesses of all sizes and will cover 40% of their costs in this regard. It should be paid retroactively.

Your LTA team

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